This is a breathtaking collaboration of 18 authors and their Christ centered Meditations, Imagery, Nidra’s and soaking prayers. Use them in your standard classes for opening or closing meditation, or use them for Trauma Sensitive or 12 Step and Recovery Sessions. These are designed to be tailored to fit your style and class setting.

Each script is unique and powerful. The soaking prayer for complex trauma, as well as these Nidra’s have been instrumental in the healing process of students who are suffering within. There is one, most important script at the end, the Salvation script, to lead others into the wonderful life with God and eternity! We have a responsibility as yoga trainers yes, but as Christians to point the way to Heaven. Will you be a seed for others? Will you commit to pointing others to Him even without using words? Will you help us build God’s Kingdom and take His Word, the Gospel, the Good News to the ends of the Earth?

We hope that you will enjoy this collaboration for many years to come!

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