A letter for the new breed – He has been UNTANGLING you in 2021

I heard the Lord say “Don’t be confused or dismayed” because He has been UNTANGLING you in 2021 from every alliance and alignment that would trip you up in 2022.

He has been removing the grace from expired assignments and shutting down old methods and ways you operated in.

In 2021 you began to experience the burning of the plow and oxen you didn’t expect.

But simultaneously you felt yokes you didn’t even know you carried break and a fresh mantle thrown over you.

This year has been the greatest emptying you have ever experienced but it will also be known in the days to come as your greatest pivot to your greatest fruit and kingdom exploits.

The detour was for your good and to re-route you onto the “from glory to glory” road after being stuck in the hamster wheel for so long without a way out.

Now it’s time to RECOUP from the battle and tension and prepare your heart like a fresh slate for the Lord because He is about to POUR OUT something so fresh you would never have imagined you would see after such a battle-weary season.

You will regain the strength you lost and see God reverse the TOLL that this season has had on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For those who have been plagued by daily anxiety and ptsd I saw the Lord placing His hand upon you like a child that has been through a traumatic experience and instantly restoring peace and clarity. Let that peace/Shalom rest upon you and envelop you now in Jesus name.

From that same place of panic shall burst forth a new song of the Spirit and you will begin to feel a new anointing flowing where you once felt dry and depleted.

This is your honey from a Lion moment where sweetness will flow from a season of death and destruction.

He is turning a season of intense assassination into your launch. So step into your new path. Shake off the haters labels and find your new groove cos you haven’t seen anything yet.

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